Leadership, Collaboration and Human Experience

COCREA recognized as one of the Top 10 Organizational Development Companies in Europe 2021. Interview to Roberto De Bacco

problem solver

I am a Problem Solver

The direct experience of an executive of a multinational energy company.

Change begins with leaders

The experience of a global market leader company in Media & Advertising Business, through the words of its CEO: Reason why it is important now to make a significant and profound shift in mindset. The challenges we are already facing are solid enough to force us to change. The risk is that we dedicate all our efforts to short-term solutions – we all have something we need to deliver tomorrow – and forget the longer-term solutions that will change dramatically our way of working and our delivery to clients.

How to transform the experience of the workshop in concrete habits and consolidate a new mindset

Thanks to the workshop we become more aware of the automatic mechanisms of our Ego and of the impact they have on ourselves, our goals, the context we create at work and in our private life. We will see how it is possible to take the responsibility of transforming them in connection with our aspirations […]

Bringing the seminar into our daily life

2021 Calendar of community appointments in which we will apply the methodology’s tools, discuss our projects and the difficulties we come across in our everyday life, while tapping into the collective intelligence and sensitivity of the participants

Co-dependence, Love and the Companies We Create

Have you ever asked yourself to what extent you are co-dependent? The clinical definition of co-dependency is very harsh, however, we are all co-dependent to some extent. Many of us are unaware of this and especially do not see how it can be one of the greatest obstacles to living the life we want and […]

Online Workshop Program: Leadership & Personal Mastery

The details about content, program, schedule of the online seminar and the upcoming dates.

Creating our life with awareness

A Leadership and Personal Mastery seminar is scheduled to be held online from 22 to 28 November. The seminar will provide us with the opportunity of seeing how our unconscious behaviours hinder us and, in order to achieve what we really want in our personal and professional lives, how to make full use of our qualities and […]

Credits: Giorgio Trovato
Credits Giorgio Trovato

An “empty space” all to your own

To treat yourself with your personal “empty space”, to be caressed and nourished with your dreams, your desires.